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- The Valley of the Kudzu Flowers (In Progress)

The fractured Shift family comes upon a series of extreme repercussions after their patriarch begins to install quasi-illegal video gambling machines in convenience stores and gas stations across appalachia.

- Mezacht (2014)

Marc DeLuca, head programmer for the small indie game Mezacht, is thrown into an endless mystery after he finds an ominous hot dog behind a dumpster.

Mezacht Media

map of vowel city
map of vowel city in the style of Mezacht
floorplan of Mezacht development labs
Mezacht pixel art
Marc and Debbie

- Low Orbit (2010)

The Laundry Gods, a rock band, attempt to rescue their lead singer, Noah Interval, who has been kidnapped and detained by his celebrity sister and her depraved entourage.

Low Orbit Media 

promo image
Laundry Gods gig poster

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